2017 Bible Reading Plan: By the Book

2017 Bible Reading Plan: By the Book

Learning discipleship from the New Testament in 2017

In a world that uses the term “Christian” to mean all sorts of things what really is a Christian? What defines Christianity? What is the church and what does Jesus want it to do? These questions are at the heart of our quest for 2017's Bible reading plan. We want to be New Testament Christians who have found and derived their Christianity directly from the New Tes- tament. While much can be gained from reading the New Testament our particular focus this year will be on discovering and finding the pattern for New Testament Christianity contained in Scripture (2 Tim. 1:13). We want to be Christians who go “by the Book!”

This reading plan will help you work through the entire New Testament in one year to fuel that quest. Each week has five readings, giving you space in your schedule to catch up or study other parts of the Bible. The key is to establish a regular pattern of time spent with the Word and with God. Consider a 5x5x5 plan for your time with the Lord each day. That would break down to five minutes reading (most chapters in the NT can be read in even less time than that), and then following reading with five minutes of reflection. Ask yourself key questions about the reading like what did this mean to its original audience? Why did the Holy Spirit choose to write this into the Bible? What does this mean now and how can I be a better follower of Jesus’ from this reading? Reflecting on the day’s reading is es- sential to growth. Then complete your time with God and His Word with five minutes in prayer. Pray for others and pray for opportunities to live out what you just learned. If practiced regularly, you will soon find these 15 minutes to be the most important minutes in your day.

2017 gives us a tremendous opportunity to open God’s Book and orient our Christianity “by the Book!”

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