Being "Just Christians"

Being "Just Christians"

Being "Just Christians"

What exactly does being “Just Christians” mean?


It means striving to be like the first century church in Work, Worship, and Teaching. They were just Christians, so our goal and our purpose is to be the same.

It means being an independent and autonomous church, and not part of any denominational structure – but being just like the Christians in the New Testament. 

It means worshiping like the people in the New Testament did.

It means believing and practicing what the New Testament church believed and practiced, so let’s all be just Christians, like they were in Acts and in Corinthians and in Ephesians and in Revelation.

It means an end to “hyphenated Christianity” where some human-centered name or creedal position is attached to the term Christian. We hear this all the time: “I'm this kind of Christian” or “I'm a ———— Christian.” Where do we read about that kind of thinking in the New Testament?

In short, it means being what the first believers were: “just Christians”


This church is dedicated to that principal. We just want to study the scriptures and see New Testament Christianity freshly, in purity and simplicity. If that thought intrigues you then please come and join us. You'll find the quest for “just Christians” to be tremendously challenging and rewarding, and we pray we'll be a help to you along the way.