Instrumental Music In Worship

Instrumental Music In Worship

Welcome to our special page to study the question of instrumental music in worship!


To listen to the sermon, “The Sound of Music: Instrumental Music in churches of Christ” online click on the title in below.


Click on the articles and links below to read and learn more about what God requires in worship and why we believe the Bible teaches instrumental music in the worship of God is simply not right.

Valueble Links

  • Ethan Longhenry’s page has excellent material on faith and instrumental music, plus he deals with a number of common objections like “what about song leaders and song books” and “we are singing, we are just singing and playing.”
  • Instrumental Music in Worship: Does God Want Singing or Playing Instruments? - excellent study from Gospel Way - discusses why instrumental music is not pleasing to God today, deals with common objections like “it’s an aid” and “the Greek allows it.”
  • A Thorough Investigation of Rick Atchley’s “The Both/And Church” sermons - Dave Miller has written a careful review of over 100 pages of Atchley’s three sermons, reviewing and refuting each and every point. Thoroughly documented this is must reading for anyone interested in seeing how Atchley twists the truth and misleads his audience. Includes appendices dealing with Old Testament use of zamar and New Testament use of psallo, along with many charts and extensive citations.
  • What did early Christians believe about using instrumental music in worship? - this article documents what early Christians believed about instrumental music in worship, as well as documents how men like Charles Spurgeon and John Wesley opposed instrumental music in worship. Some have said no one, without a church of Christ background, would ever conclude that instrumental music is wrong. See the truth for yourself!


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