Assembly Times

Assembly Times

Visiting Westside? Here's What you need to know.

Westside has resumed limited services. Currently the church is meeting for one service.

  • Sunday morning at 10:00 AM

Wednesday night Bible study will continue to be online-only at 7:00 PM for the foreseeable future.

Should You Attend?

Please note that, everyone attending services is strongly encouraged to wear a mask or face covering for the duration of the service.

Additionally, if you have a temperature above 99.6 or are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19, please do not attend in person.

If you are in a "high-risk" group as defined below please make use of live stream options here on JustChristians or on FaceBook.

  • Those 70 years old or older.
  • Those with heart disease.
  • Those on steroid therapy.
  • Those with diabetes.
  • Those suffering from obesity (defined as a BMI over 40).
  • Those with kidney disease.
  • Those with lung disease.

What to Expect

  • There will only be one service, at 10:00 AM. There will not be any Bible classes until further notice.
  • To support social distancing a number of pews have been taped off and chairs have been placed in the back of the auditorium. Please do not move the tape and sit only in open areas.
  • Please avoid handshaking, hugging and other forms of physical touch during your time in the building.
  • Please keep your children with you at all times.
  • The west doors will remain locked, and you will only be able to enter through the north and south doors.
  • The water fountains have also been taped off and turned off to take them out of service.
  • After the Lord’s Supper, the elder at the front will make announcements, then after the closing prayer, he will dismiss you one row at a time.

The Lord's Supper

  • When you enter the auditorium, a gloved/masked usher will hand you an individual, pre-packaged set of Lord’s Supper elements. Please hold out your hands to enable them to “drop them” into your hands to avoid unnecessary touching.
  • At the end of the service, one of the elders will go to Lord’s Table, do the Table Talk, lead prayers, and we will all take the Supper together.
  • As you leave the auditorium, there will be waste baskets to dispose of the used Lord’s Supper containers.


As stated previously, masks or face coverings should be worn for the entire service. This is particularly important during singing. Since that will make singing difficult, we will reduce the number of songs in the service.


There will also be receptacles for placing your contribution. You can, of course, continue to give using the Zelle app.

When you are dismissed, we are asking that you exit the building and return to your cars.