Voices from the Past

from Form Foundation, December 16, 1969

_It seems that some of our liberal brethren place much emphasis on their place in the history of “the Restoration Movement.” While we do not believe that what men say is important, it is interesting to note that what is now considered “Mainstream Restoration Movement Theology,” was once commonly spoken against. We offer the following quotes (found in the pages of Robert Turner’s Plain Talk) as proof that the error we seek to expose in this issue is neither new nor was it always greatly accepted.


“Every church in the universe that operates or works according to the will of God cooperates or works together with every other church in the universe that is working according to the same rule. Churches which are fulfilling their mission separate and independent of other churches nevertheless are cooperating with all other churches that fulfill their mission. It seems that we ought to see this, that we ought to recognize this fundamental truth. This is the only church cooperation that is taught in the New Testament.”

-H. Leo Boles, Gospel Advocate, Jan. 28, 1932.

“All meetings of churches or officers of churches to combine more power than a single church possesses is wrong. God’s power is in God’s churches. He is with them to bless and strengthen their work when they are faithful to Him . . . for one or more to direct what and how all the churches shall work, or to take charge of their men and money and use it, is to assume the authority God has given to each church. Each one needs the work of distributing and using its funds, as well as in giving them.”

- David Lipscomb, Gospel Advocate, March 24, 1910.

“The main principle violated by a missionary society (or sponsoring church—editor) is combining of all the congregations to do what God has assigned to one. There is no work that cannot be done by the power of God . . . Beside this we might say this way of a few getting together and saddling on the church of Christ orphan homes and schools or anything else is a very serious thing, and will in the course of time prove to be a curse to the church.

-C. M. Pullias, Tidings of Joy, July, 1919.

“When men become dissatisfied with God’s arrangement and set up one of their own, they have already crossed the threshold to apostasy. “—Guy N. Woods, ACC Lectures, 1946.

“Institutionalism was the taproot of digression. It has always been the fatal blow to congregational independence. It destroys the individuality of both the congregation and the Christian … Back of institutionalism is party pride … And we come to love the institutions more than the church.”

-Foy E. Wallace, Jr., Bible Banner, July, 1939.

“It is altogether possible that some men are considered heretics just because they have the quiet, reserved courage to buck the tide of apostasy while those leading us into apostasy are being praised for their sense of timing in public relations! A man is not a heretic when he differs with ‘the mainstream of the restoration movement.’ He is a heretic if he opposes New Testament Christianity.”

- Johnny Ramsey, Firm Foundation, December 16, 1969.